1) The freight validity period will be specified in the e-mail that will be sent to you in addition to this agreement. We will be bound by this freight offer within the specified period of time, and it is accepted by the parties that a new offer can be reconsidered after this date.

2) Unless otherwise stated in the e-mail correspondence, this offer is prepared according to the “Advance Payment” operating condition and the time-period starts on the ship departure date in export loadings, and the ship arrival date on import loadings. The resulting demurrage fees are charged in advance irrespective of the time-period that is applicable to you.

3) Unless otherwise stated in the e-mails or bilateral agreements, this offer applies to non-IMCO loads. If the cargo is dangerous or causes obstructions to the transport vehicle or carriage, the load can be discharged from the cargo vessel or additional charges may be requested on the ship-owner’s request. In such a case, all obligations will be recourse to you.

4) Changes that may occur in the freight items (BAF, CAF, PRIMAGE, WRS, GRI, PSS, etc.) will be reflected at the same rate as the freight.

5) The transfer port(s), transfer ship(s) and arrival times specified in our offer are planned or predicted information, may vary with various reasons and without notice. Transport: It is the responsibility of the shipping company and delays may occur due to weather conditions, strikes, state of war, port congestion, ship and route changes, etc. The above-mentioned date and/or duration of the “ETA” and/or “TRANSIT-TIME” is an estimate, and it does not contain any commitments, and may be changed without notice by the shipper.

6) Pricing for your load is due to the relevant owner’s freight policy; On board date, gate in, will be made according to the scheduled ship departure date.

7) You will be charged extra expenses incurred for loadings made pursuant to expired offers.

8) The goods loaded into the container are obligatory to comply with the STANDARD ON PHYTOSANITARY MEASURES (ISPM). Compliance with these standards at the port of direct loading is the exporter’s responsibility and the responsibility of the importer at the port of discharge.

9) Our freight rates are valid if appropriate equipment is available. Please confirm the pre-installation equipment status.

10) Any expenses incurred for loading due to any missing or incorrect statements, any changes to be requested after the departure of the ship, and any charges or costs whatsoever that may arise due to documents not delivered on time by the loader will all be recourse to you.

11) It is not the responsibility of the carrier for loading, unloading and stowage, unless otherwise written by the parties and clearly understood. You cannot request any claim whatsoever for damages arising from unloading, stowing or loading.

12) Packaging is also the responsibility of the shipper unless otherwise written and expressly understood by the parties. The shipper shall be liable for any damages arising from packaging.

13) Calculation in partial shipments shall be made based on 1 CBM = 1 ton. The higher value will be taken to be valid in M3 or TON calculations.

14) For each container in FCL import loadings, a warehouse voucher of USD 2000 each will be charged for 20 containers and USD 1000 per container for 40 containers.

15) An economic crisis that may occur, famine and other reasons, such as increases in oil prices, devaluation, deflation, and all kinds of unforeseen circumstances not limited to what is listed here including any kind of unanticipated situation and force majeure, during the carrying out of this contract, we reserve the right to make changes in the freight cost against the price increases that may occur.

16) The demurrage free time and demurrage schedule for the installation will be determined by us.

17) Port costs will be applied according to the loading port and the ship-owner’s agency tariffs, and the possible changes will be reflected on to you.

18) For payments made in TL, the exchange rate will be based on the Türkiye Is Bankasi effective exchange rate on the day of payment. For the amount of exchange rate difference that may arise from TL payments, the Exchange Rate Difference invoice will be billed in accordance with the provisions of the general communiqué of VAT practices B/1.2.2 issued in the Official Gazette on 26.04.2014 and with the acceptance of this offer you hereby accept in advance any billing of the Exchange Rate Difference invoice.

19) In the event of a Telex release, in addition to the bill of lading, the Telex release fee for each set will be billed according to the loading port and the ship-owner’s agency tariffs.

20) This offer is valid in the case that the total value of the goods carried is USD 250000 and below. Your loads above this amount are subject to our approval and our company does not accept liability for any damages or loss that may arise due to the failure of informing you of your loads that have exceeded this amount. Such confirmation shall be made in writing and in a clear manner. The initiation of the process in this regard does not mean that implied consent is given. In the case where we realise that the load amount is over USD 250,000 a new freight offer will be offered, and if this offer is not accepted, the carriage work shall not be done and if the opposite party has suffered losses with regards to this, you agree that you will not make any claims whatsoever.

21) Any liability and expense associated with the cargo not received by the buyer is is the liability of the loading company and the buyer is jointly and severally liable liable to the same extent.

22) Loadings of over 15 tons made to 20dc containers will be subject to OWS: Over weight surcharges.

23) If the load is partially or completely lost during the transport, the payment of the invoices, which are billed by us for freight and port costs, is deemed to be accepted in full and unconditionally by you with acceptance of this offer.

24) The FBL terms referenced in the link will be applicable on matters not specified in this offer.

25) In the disputes arising out of this offer, the competent law is Turkish Law and the competent courts are the Courts of Izmir and Izmir Enforcement Offices.

26) This offer will be deemed accepted by you once you have instructed us to commence loading.

27) Shipper/consignor  accepts and confirms to be fully responsible and cover&pay all storage and / or demmurage or all other relevant charges in case the consignee refuses to import the cargo or leaves the cargo to customs due to any problem or dispute may arised between shipper or else related with any other problem related with goverment not limited but because any other issue .

29) The Merchant will be liable for the all costs regarding to freight (demmurage, storage, disposal etc.) in the case of non delivery of the ordino by the consignee notwithstanding of the INCOTERMS of the carriage

30)The Merchant will be jointly and severally liable for the all costs regarding to freight (demmurage, storage etc.) in the case of delivery of order and/or delivery of the goods from the port by the consignee notwithstanding of the INCOTERMS of the carraige.

31) Demurrage schedule is provided for your information:

STANDART CONTAINER                 20’DV   40’DV   40’HC

Free Time                                           7 Day   7 Day   7 Day

From 8th day up to 12th day                 $35     $45     $45

From 13th day up to 17th day                $70     $90     $90

After 18th day                                         $95     $120    $120

SPECIAL CONTAINER                       (20’OT/FR/TK/PL/RF)    (40’OT/FR/TK/PL/RF)

Free Time                                                                 3 Day               3 Day

From 4th day up to 8th day                                       $135                $135

After 9th day                                                              $270                $270

In case total amount of the demmurage that shipping line will charge to “Forwarder” will be higher then the demmurage amount that will be calculated as per  this tarif ;  the shipping line’s demmurage tarif will be valid and Forwarder will re-calculate the demmurage amont as per the tarif of shipping line and will reflect the total amount directly to shippier/consignor accordingly.